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Turf Diagnostics is an industry leading synthetic turf evaluation company. We have tested hundreds of synthetic turf sports fields located throughout the country, providing our clients with the information needed to maintain optimal playing conditions.


One of the key components of our field evaluations is field hardness - Gmax testing performed with our Sports Surface Impact Test System.  This system features a standard A type missile that allows us to perform testing according to ASTM method F355A and ASTM F1936.  These test standards are applicable for testing of both synthetic turf (artificial turf) and natural turf fields.  Among the critical information provided by these test procedures are the field's shock absorbing properties and head injury criterion.



Our testing services have been used to evaluate sports fields and golf courses at the high school, college, and professional level.  Industry suppliers also use this testing service to evaluate their products.   Initial testing is performed after new construction of an athletic field.  This allows for independent verification that the contractors and manufacturers have built a field that meets specifications and standards.  Annual maintenance testing is then performed to ensure that fields continue to meet specifications and to ensure that the field continues to meet the manufacturers warranty provisions.


We make every effort to limit our testing and travel time, which helps us to keep the costs at very reasonable level.  Whether you are in need of testing during construction or post construction, Turf Diagnostics can provide you with unbiased, cost-effective testing services.

Synthetic Turf Testing - Gmax

Due to the portability of the test equipment our fully trained and knowledgeable personnel are able to test a field and provide a data summary while on site at your location.  We have performed testing on all levels of sports fields throughout the U.S.  We provide accurate results, prompt service, and unsurpassed professional capabilities.

Our synthetic turf evaluations include:

a. Gmax values (field hardness)

b. Impact Velocity

c. Severity Index

d. Head Injury Criterion

e. Turf and Infill Depths

f.  Seam and Inlay Evaluations

g. Maintenance Recommendations (if desired)