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Turf & Soil Diagnostics - NY

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A few words about us

At the start of 2015, the two leading labs serving the landscape, golf and sports turf industries joined together to form the Turf & Soil Diagnostics laboratory network.  


The former Hummel & Co. Laboratory is now Turf & Soil Diagnostics - NY.

The former Turf Diagnostics & Design laboratory is now Turf & Soil Diagnostics - KS.

Our network has unmatched testing capabilities, with a combined 40+ years of soils laboratory service.   We can provide our customers with many options for testing of soils, growing media, and drainage systems.  Areas of expertise include natural and synthetic turf systems for sports fields and golf courses, and specialty landscape soils including structural soils, green roofs, and retention basins.  

No matter the specifications or budget, our testing can help ensure high quality growing media, rootzones and subgrades with consistent performance. Physical evaluation of aggregates, soils and amendments gives our clients assurance that they are using quality materials for projects ranging from green roofs to athletic fields to golf greens.


Turf and landscape managers benefit from our soil diagnostics and turf management program development. Quality control testing programs, verify consistent materials are used during construction. We also perform Gmax testing for synthetic turf surfaces, and we provide product development testing for materials suppliers.

All of our test procedures, sample processing, and disposal efforts are performed with the intent to reduce, reuse, and recycle.  


We have eliminated the use of hazardous materials in our test procedures, and we are committed to reducing or eliminating the use of any potentially unsafe substances.

Turf & Soil Diagnostics policy is to receive and test only uncontaminated soil, growing media and aggregate samples in our laboratory. To the extent allowed by law, these materials are reused after testing.  


Our green activities include efforts to reduce the amount of waste generated in office and lab procedures. Electronic reports and documents are produced and used whenever possible. Clean packaging materials are reused in-house and through relationships with other local businesses. When reuse is not possible, waste is diverted through recycling of paper products, metal, glass, and plastics used by our company.

Green Initiative

We are proud members and supporters of the following organizations:

We pledge to provide our customers with the highest quality data and consultation, fastest turnaround, and best possible service.  We further pledge to work with the industries we serve to provide better, more consistent test methods and results.

Turf & Soil Diagnostics is commited to protecting our environment.