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Turf & Soil Diagnostics - NY

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At Turf & Soil Diagnostics, we provide accredited Green Roof Testing with great service.  


We perform compliance testing and research & development on

Growing media (intensive, extensive, lawn, and specialty mixes) Aggregates and Drainage Materials

Fabrics and Filters

Tray Systems


Our green roof testing services include standardized methods and specialized techniques developed in our laboratory.  Test results can be compared to industry standards such as FLL or product/project specifications.  All work is performed according to standard operating procedures and reviewed by our professional scientists.


Let us help you to "manage the elements through science".

Green Roof Testing Services 

ASTM Standards E2396 to E2399

Growing Media Evaluations

Permeability of Granular Drainage Material

Determination of Dead Loads & Live Loads

Water Capture & Media Retention of Geocomposite Drain Layers

Maximum Media Density for Dead Load Analysis

Granulometric Determination (Particle Size)

Wet and Dry Densities

Total and Air-Filled Porosities

Organic Matter Content

Green Roof Component Testing