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613 E. 1st Street

Linwood, KS  66052  USA


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Sending in samples to Turf & Soil Diagnostics?

Quick Tips for Sample Submission

Whether you are shipping samples to our New York or Kansas laboratories, following these quick tips will help ensure your samples arrive safely and can be tested in a timely manner.    

   - Pack one gallon of sand, soil, and/or fine aggregate samples in high-quality zipper top bags

   (double bag for added protection)

   - Send 5 gallons of green roof media samples & large gravels in plastic buckets.

   - Label outside of bags/buckets with indelible markers

   - include completed sample submittal form inside of shipping container

   - include plenty of packing material to protect samples during shipment


   - For samples being sent to our Kansas lab, ship to:

   Turf & Soil Diagnostics - KS

   613 E. 1st Street

   Linwood, KS 66052  USA


   - For samples being sent to our New York lab, ship to:

   Turf & Soil Diagnostics - NY

   35 King Street

   Trumansburg, NY  14886  USA


Use one of the sample submittal forms below to provide the lab with the information needed to perform your tests and report your data.  A completed submittal form should be included with each sample shipment to the lab.  

Submittal Forms & Soil Permit 

Turf & Soil Diagnostics Green Roof Submittal Form

is a special form that should be completed and included with all green roof testing submittals.  The completed form provides our laboratory with information needed to meet your green roof test requirements in a timely manner.

A completed Turf & Soil Diagnostics Submittal Form should be included with all at-grade sample submissions.  This form provides information for testing of golf, sports turf, and specialty landscape soils. 

Soil import permits allow our labs the ability to accept soil samples from around the globe for testing.

International clients - please remember to attach a copy of the correct soil import label to the outside of the shipping container or box, and also include a copy inside of the shipping container.  This will ensure that the samples can clear through customs.


Each of our lab has its own soil permit.  Please use the links below to select the permit that is appropriate for the lab that you are sending samples to.

Turf & Soil Diagnostics - KS holds USDA Permit #P330-13-00218.

Select this link when sending samples to our Linwood Kansas lab.

Turf & Soil Diagnostics - NY holds USDA Permit #P330-15-00031.

Select this link when sending samples to our Trumansburg New York lab. 

Please include a completed submittal form with your samples.


The submittal form tells the lab who the client is and what testing to perform.  In case of any confusion, the form provides information so that we can contact the correct individuals.


In summary, a completed submittal form allows your testing to be performed in an efficient manner.